How do I reduce down-time of my plant?

Ignore all process and device alarms

Through a managed service contract from Endress+Hauser


What is the name of Endress+Hauser’s cloud based digital data platform?




How many flow meters does Endress+Hauser calibrate on-site per year?

Less than 1,000

More than 1,000


At what temperature does the Endress+Hauser Trustsens temperature probe self-calibrate at?

218 degrees celcius

118 degrees celcius


According to IEC 61508 how long should an instrument be used in a safety system before it should be replaced?

15-20 years

9-12 years

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What we do

Whether you need an individual product, full application solution or instrument calibration service, we can help.

Our services

As well as offering quick repairs and calibrations, we have the expertise to help you get more from your instrumentation. Tap into our knowledge to make maintenance easier, make processes run more effectively and reduce spending.

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Our solutions

Offering complete process automation solutions, such as field network engineering and energy monitoring, as well as project management and bespoke engineering, the solutions team can solve your trickiest challenges.

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Our products

Our product portfolio and technological innovations are unrivalled. There is no one more qualified to measure and monitor flow, level, pressure and temperature and analyse liquids. But our corporate culture sets us apart.

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Our latest innovations

Take a tour of our virtual exhibition to see our latest innovations, explore our process automation products and solutions and discover how we can make your processes more efficient and cost-effective.

Explore at your own pace or request a guided tour with one of our experts.

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Success stories

Here are some of the ways in which we’ve helped our customers make smarter decisions to save money and improve their processes.

Harvest Biofuels

Easier pH sensor calibration saves time and effort for biodiesel plant.

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Jersey Water

Jersey Water cuts OPEX and lab time thanks to improved ammonia measurement.

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John Pointon & Sons

Rendering and recycling facility saves over £400,000 a year thanks to energy monitoring solution.

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Chivas Brothers

Our online solution helps Chivas Brothers’ distilleries to access information and forecast project costs.

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Elantra Investment

Using the Endress+Hauser website cuts turnaround time for distributor.

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Ondeo Industrial Solutions

Purchasing online improves efficiency for a leading provider of sustainable water & utility solutions.

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P & I Design

Online ordering offers consultancy service easy access to pricing and availability.

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Lucite International

Electronic differential pressure measurement improves accuracy, ease of installation & maintenance for acrylic products manufacturer.

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DS Smith

Memosens digital analytical sensors save time, improve accuracy and lower costs for leading packaging company.

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Chivas Brothers

Chivas Brothers reduces the cost of measuring flow and density for alcohol by volume measurement.

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North British Distillery

Robust flowmeter boosts quality and efficiency under challenging conditions at North British Distillery.

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South Staffs Water

Automated sludge blanket measurement improves reliability and efficiency for South Staffs Water.

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Union Papertech

Level measurement solution relieves the pressure for speciality paper manufacturer.

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United Utilities

Leading water supplier halves the energy needed for a UV application by installing analytical sensors from Endress+Hauser.

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Project management of new test and calibration rig sets independent company up for success.

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Solvay Composite Materials

Chemical company complies with demanding audits by outsourcing calibration to Endress+Hauser.

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Lucite International - Heartbeat Technology

Heartbeat Technology’s inline diagnostics reduce downtime for acrylics manufacturer.

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Calibration contract keeps dairy running and compliant.

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Heat metering expertise helps food producer to comply with regulations for new CHP plant.

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Vinci Construction

Level monitoring protects natural spring waters during £50m hotel renovation.

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Industry sectors

We work closely with a number of key process industries, supporting our customers to optimise their processes in terms of reliability, safety, economic efficiency and environmental impact.

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Training & useful resources

Our training courses and downloadable assets will tell you what you need to know to optimise processes in your plant. There aren’t many challenges we haven’t seen before!

  • What is Instrumentation Support?

  • Things you didn't know about our Service Engineers

  • Calibration Services at Endress+Hauser

  • A day in the life of an Endress+Hauser Flow Calibration

  • Things you didn't know about Calibration at Endress+Hauser

  • How To Optimise Your Process Plant: Tech Trends from The Engineer

  • Made-to-measure service contracts

  • 6 Service Secrets You Need To Know

  • Put our service team to the test

  • On-site flowmeter verification factsheet

  • Book a flowmeter calibration online

  • Take a look around our Application, Training and Engineering Centre in Manchester

  • Watch our recorded webinars - whenever and wherever you are

  • White Paper: What is calibration?

  • White Paper: Heartbeat in Life Sciences

  • Services - by your side brochure


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We can help you to make smarter decisions and achieve your goals sooner. Get in touch by calling 0161 286 5050 or fill in our form and tell us how we can help. We’re looking forward to working with you.

In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we are obligated to inform you when we collect data. We comply with this obligation with the link to our privacy policy.


Here are some of the questions we’re regularly asked.

  • What is an energy saving audit?

    There are three main types of energy saving audit. Initial or preliminary audits provide an energy efficiency assessment of the site and include a host of energy saving opportunities including CHP, heat recovery and heat pumps etc. Targeted energy audits would focus on key items of plant or processes such as a refrigeration plant, compressed air plant or boiler plant. A comprehensive energy audit would be a detailed assessment of the site’s energy performance, similar to an ESOS (Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme) assessment. Endress+Hauser have been providing all three types of energy audit for a number of years.

    An energy efficiency assessment usually takes one day and is carried out by an ESOS approved assessor. The on-site energy survey is followed by a report and presentation of our findings. The report will provide an improved understanding of the opportunities for reducing energy and carbon emissions. This type of service is embedded as standard into all the energy monitoring solutions we provide and is generally bundled with software training and report development.

    You can find out more online, or simply get in touch by filling out our contact form or call us on 0161 286 5000

  • I have instrumentation from different manufacturers, do Endress+Hauser calibrate other instruments as well as your own?

    Instruments differ from each manufacturer and for each application. At Endress+Hauser UK our calibration team are experts; there isn’t much they can’t calibrate. They’re also friendly, so get in touch with your instrument details and calibration needs and they will advise you on the best course of action.

    Fill out our contact form or call us on 0161 286 5050.

  • Where can I find a full list or catalogue of Endress+Hauser instruments?

    You can view our full product range online at endress.com. However, there are thousands of products available. To help you navigate the wealth of instruments on offer, contact our team with your specific application or process needs, and we can help identify the product best for you.

    Fill out our contact form or call us on 0161 286 5050.

  • How can I get in touch with Endress+Hauser?

    You can get in touch with Endress+Hauser in many ways. Fill out our contact form or see the UK contact details below:

    Fax. 0161 998 1841

    Tel. 0161 286 5000


    If you need the details of another Endress+Hauser office from around the world you can find this on our global website.

  • I've sent a contact request to Endress+Hauser, when can I expect to hear back?

    If you have submitted a contact request form, you should hear back from one of our associates within 24 hours. It’s unusual to not hear back from us in this time frame, if this happens to you, please call us and we will be happy to help you 0161 286 5000.

  • Which industries does Endress+Hauser operate in?

    Our global industry categories are Oil & Gas, Power & Energy, Water & Wastewater, Life Sciences, Food & Beverage, Chemical, Utilities and Mining, Minerals & Metals. To find out more about the industries we operate in, visit us online, fill in our contact form or call us on 0161 286 5000 to see how we can help you.

  • Which countries does Endress+Hauser have a presence in?

    Endress+Hauser operates all over the world. We have sales centres, representatives, and production centres that cover every part of the globe. To find out more about Endress+Hauser Worldwide, visit our global website, fill in our contact form or call us on 0161 286 5000.

Reasons to work with us

19 million

Instruments registered in the Endress+Hauser device database

1 million+

Measuring devices calibrated by Endress+Hauser every year


Patents and applications demonstrate our innovation


Endress+Hauser service engineers worldwide