On average how many patent applications does Endress+Hauser make each year?

Less than 200

More than 250


Which measurement technology was the first to be offered by Endress+Hauser?




What are the benefits of device verification over calibration?

It ensures a non intrusive assessment of my devices, without requiring device removal

It’s an easier way to obtain a calibration certificate


How long is the process measurement interrupted for during a Heartbeat verification?

Up to 60 minutes

Up to 60 seconds


What competency training for working in hazardous areas can Endress+Hauser offer at its UK training facility?



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Life Sciences 

The pulse of life sciences 

The life sciences industry is one of the world’s most heavily regulated industries with regulatory pressure continuously growing. Therefore, compliance and quality are the main drivers. At the same time, certain sectors of the industry are facing growing pressure to reduce pricing, making process optimisation and innovation important.

Your challenges are our mission, starting with real-time monitoring of quality parameters. Our services, solutions and products increase productivity thanks to predictive maintenance and optimised calibration schedules.

From the lab to the final product and from first planning to operation, Endress+Hauser is there for you during the whole life cycle of your plant. We can help you simplify complex projects involving multiple suppliers to ensure planning runs smoothly and shorten time-to-market.

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Industry sectors

We work closely with a number of key process industries. Take a look at our industry sector brochures to find out more.

Oil & Gas

Strengthen your plant’s safety, productivity and availability.

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Power & Energy

Power plants play a vital role. We help minimize downtime whilst delivering safety and productivity.

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Life Sciences

Attain operational excellence with an experienced and reliable partner at your side.

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Food & Beverage

Ensure quality while reducing operational costs.

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60+ years of chemical competence. Delivering unrivaled value through industry-leading partnerships.

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Water & Wastewater

A partner you can depend on to optimize your water processes.

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