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Endress+Hauser Applicator tool

Simplify your selection

Want to quickly find the 'best fit' product for your application? Applicator is a convenient tool for selecting and sizing the appropriate measuring device. Simply enter your known parameters and Applicator will provide a selection of suitable results. A product comparison function and links to in-depth product information will help you make the right decision.

Applicator - your step-by-step product selection tool

Reduce your energy costs in utilities

Efficient energy management for steam, compressed air, heating, cooling and industrial gases

Did you know that electricity accounts for 75% of the total operating costs for air compressors? That the energy cost for the generation of compressed air goes up approximately 9% for every unnecessary bar of pressure? Or that leaks in old steam or hot water distribution networks can cause additional energy expenditures of up to 50%?

At Endress+Hauser, we offer you everything you need for comprehensive energy monitoring; including customised solutions for the widest range of energy applications, robust, tried-and-tested measuring instruments offering outstanding precision, and precise measurement of energy flows with calibrated instruments as required by EMAS, ISO 14001 and ISO 50001.

Find out more about how our experts can help you save energy and reduce your operating costs.

Reduce your energy costs in utilities

Success stories

Here are some of the ways in which we’ve helped our customers make smarter decisions to reduce costs and improve their processes.


Efficient onsite calibrations during shutdown improves internal resource and ensures compliance.


ewz Swiss Life Arena

Accurate and reliable monitoring of energy centres in the Swiss Life Arena.


The Special Refining Company (SRC)

The Liquiphant FTL51 detects build-up in situ, saving an hour of maintenance per measuring point, per week.


North British Distillery

Robust flowmeter boosts quality and efficiency under challenging conditions at North British Distillery.


John Pointon & Sons

Rendering and recycling facility saves over £400,000 a year thanks to energy monitoring solution.


Time is precious. Uptime is priceless.

Minimise downtime and lower your maintenance costs whilst protecting your reputation.

We understand the challenges faced by manufacturers in the context of rising costs: raw materials, wage bills and energy have all seen massive increases in recent years.

Precise, repeatable measurements play a crucial role in increasing productivity. Our innovative portfolio of measuring equipment, services and solutions helps to avoid losses and increase efficiency in production. Our Fundamental range of products offers great quality without excessive complexity or cost, complemented by higher-end products for more demanding applications.

Discover how you can simplify your maintenance routine with clear and consistent digital documentation processes. Our experts can help you to digitise documentation to ease workflows, reduce unplanned shutdowns and increase availability.

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Our experts

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Ann Nolan - Service Contracts

Precise, reliable measurements play a key role in increasing productivity. Preventative maintenance is essential to keep your measurement instruments operating.

Chris Snelling - Energy Monitoring

Using our energy monitoring software, we help companies to track and manage their consumption of utilities to prevent fines for breaching usage limits.

Wes Allen - Energy Solutions

I’ve helped many customers achieve accreditation for their energy solutions. Our automated data collection system takes the pain out of reporting obligations.

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In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we are obligated to inform you when we collect data. We comply with this obligation with the link to our privacy policy.