When did Endress+Hauser invent the world’s first tuning forks for level applications?




What is the easiest way to access up-to-date Endress+Hauser device-specific information from any location?

By entering the serial number into device viewer on www.endress.com

Keeping a hard copy file of the documentation received with each device


How do I reduce installation costs for instrumentation?

By using two wire Endress+Hauser devices

By using 3-wire technology


What is the most cost-effective way of obtaining process values from my remote site?

Through the Endress+Hauser Operations App

Through the Endress+Hauser Value App


How can I save calibration costs for temperature probes in my steam in place system?

By using self-calibrating thermometers

Employ more calibration technicians

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Power up your plant 

Endress+Hauser brings precision and safety to power plants all over the world. We provide reliable solutions that meet your application requirements and industry quality standards. We can help you to upgrade ageing plants with proven and state-of-the-art technologies, to keep the output consistently high.

As the industry shifts towards natural gas, renewables and the new market dynamics driven by shale gas, our mission is to provide the all-round support and experience you need. Far from being just a provider of precision instrumentation, we are a multiskilled and versatile partner, supporting you from the design stage right through to commissioning and servicing.

Our unique software helps you to optimise processes by giving you easy access to your device data and makes it simple to manage your assets by providing information on spare parts, availability, successor products and more.

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Industry sectors

We work closely with a number of key process industries. Take a look at our industry sector brochures to find out more.

Oil & Gas

Strengthen your plant’s safety, productivity and availability.

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Power & Energy

Power plants play a vital role. We help minimize downtime whilst delivering safety and productivity.

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Life Sciences

Attain operational excellence with an experienced and reliable partner at your side.

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Food & Beverage

Ensure quality while reducing operational costs.

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60+ years of chemical competence. Delivering unrivaled value through industry-leading partnerships.

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Water & Wastewater

A partner you can depend on to optimize your water processes.

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