Is Memosens communication inductive or conductive?




When did Endress+Hauser invent the world’s first tuning forks for level applications?




On average how many patent applications does Endress+Hauser make each year?

Less than 200

More than 250


How many suppliers offer a 2-wire Gamma level product?

Three manufacturers

One - Endress+Hauser


What is the most cost-effective way of obtaining process values from my remote site?

Through the Endress+Hauser Operations App

Through the Endress+Hauser Value App

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Our products 

With over 65 years in business, Endress+Hauser’s expertise as a product manufacturer is assured.

Our field instruments are used to meet demands of precision, robustness, hygiene or efficiency in many different industries.

We also offer IIoT solutions and software tools and support the seamless integration of our field devices into automation systems. We pride ourselves on our innovation, demonstrated by 8,000 active patents.

But what really sets us apart is our determination to be a reliable partner. We don’t just want to sell you instruments. We want to support you to make your processes safe, reliable, efficient and environmentally friendly – throughout your plant’s entire life cycle.

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Training & useful resources

Our training courses and whitepapers will tell you what you need to know to optimise processes in your plant. There aren’t many challenges we haven’t seen before!

  • Book a flowmeter calibration online

  • Take a look around our Application, Training and Engineering Centre in Manchester

  • Watch our recorded webinars - whenever and wherever you are

  • White Paper: What is calibration?

  • White Paper: Heartbeat in Life Sciences

  • Services - by your side brochure

  • On-site flowmeter verification factsheet

  • Put our service team to the test

  • Made-to-measure service contracts

  • How To Optimise Your Process Plant: Tech Trends from The Engineer


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What we do

Whether you need an individual product, full application solution or instrument calibration service, we can help.

Our services

As well as offering quick repairs and calibrations, we have the expertise to help you get more from your instrumentation. Tap into our knowledge to make maintenance easier, make processes run more effectively and reduce spending.

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Our solutions

Offering complete process automation solutions, such as field network engineering and energy monitoring, as well as project management and bespoke engineering, the solutions team can solve your trickiest challenges.

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Our products

Our product portfolio and technological innovations are unrivalled. There is no one more qualified to measure and monitor flow, level, pressure and temperature and analyse liquids. But our corporate culture sets us apart.

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