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Solvay Composite Materials 

Chemical company Solvay complies with its customers’ demanding audits by outsourcing calibration to Endress+Hauser.

Solvay Composite Materials, which manufactures carbon fibre composites and structural adhesives for the aerospace industry, must prove the accuracy of its instrumentation to comply with its customers’ audits.

The company doesn’t schedule routine shutdowns for maintenance, so needs to be able to rely on a mobile calibration service. An Endress+Hauser engineer now spends two weeks every month at Solvay, freeing up the on-site engineers to deal with breakdowns and planned maintenance. The on-site support is backed up with digital tools that flag up when an instrument is due for calibration.

Site Engineering and Capital Manager Ben Pine says, “The biggest benefit is the people. The calibration engineer does what he says he’s going to do, and our contracts manager makes sure we’re happy. That relationship is fundamental for any contract.”

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Make Smarter Decisions

Frees up on-site engineers

to deal with with breakdowns and planned maintenance by outsourcing calibration

25 year relationship

to provide and maintain instrumentation used on site

Reliability and efficiency

guaranteed as the Service Engineer knows our site, processes and people


that when we have an audit, I feel confident that we will be compliant

What our customer said

“It’s one less stress for my life! Having the same person who comes to site every month is a real benefit because he knows the site, knows our people, follows our processes and doesn’t need his hand held. I know that everything will be calibrated on time and there’ll be no obstacles or issues.”

Ben Pine
Site Engineering and Capital Manager

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Abbey Ratcliffe - Agile Team: Chemical

To guide my customers into making smarter decisions, I’ve learnt to be adaptable. Understanding customer needs is where it starts for me and building trust is vital.

Ann Nolan - Service Contracts

Our tailor-made service contracts help customers to plan ahead to minimise disruption to their plant while meeting compliance requirements.

Anwar Nawaz - Application Consultant

Customers these days want to get more from their assets such as data for predictive and preventive maintenance. I can advise customers on the right choice for them.

Chris Snelling - Energy Monitoring

Using our energy monitoring software, we help companies to track and manage their consumption of utilities to prevent fines for breaching usage limits.

Wes Allen - Energy Solutions

I’ve helped many customers achieve accreditation for their energy solutions. Our automated data collection system takes the pain out of reporting obligations.

Lisa Rothwell - New Business Development

It’s a great feeling to know that with a little help and support from us, our customers can make smarter decisions when it comes to getting the most out of their process.

Tim Sagar - Offshore

I’m responsible for commissioning safety-critical devices, which requires specialist knowledge and training. I help customers protect their assets by ensuring instruments function under difficult conditions.

Katriona Kirkpatrick - Service Co-ordinator

I’m one of the people you’ll contact to plan a maintenance visit from an Endress+Hauser engineer, whether that’s a regular scheduled visit or urgent help with a breakdown.

Phil Waterworth - Project Engineer (Digital)

The main thing I do for customers is offer them visibility: of the product in their tanks, energy monitoring, diagnostics … you can’t make smarter decisions without data!

Louise Snaith - Life Sciences Industry Manager

I love finding the best option for the customer. Regardless of scope, budget or installation restrictions, I can always find a solution.

Oana Gheorghita - Project Development Engineer

My philosophy is to never make a customer wait for an answer, so I always respond to queries straight away. I try to anticipate their needs and add value to every project.

Cara Moore - Smart Support

For quick support with decision-making, customers can call, chat to us online or search our knowledge portal, which contains thousands of articles to help resolve issues on site.

Chris Warren - Ecommerce

Feedback from customers shows that ordering online saves time. Being able to view prices, lead times, technical specifications and order history simplifies the process.

Steve Ward - Customer Training

Our experienced trainers don’t just discuss the theory of process measurement and control but help customers to resolve the real issues they’re facing on site.

Lewis Rodgers - Service Technician

I prefer to spend extra time with a customer to explain something rather than just fixing it; that way, if it does happen again, they can resolve it themselves.

Dapo Adegbenro - Agile Team: Water

I try to make every interaction with customers fun and engaging. Developing relationships enables customers to get to know me and trust me to help when it matters.

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In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we are obligated to inform you when we collect data. We comply with this obligation with the link to our privacy policy.