How many suppliers offer a 2-wire Gamma level product?

Three manufacturers

One - Endress+Hauser


When was the Endress+Hauser Group founded?




What competency training for working in hazardous areas can Endress+Hauser offer at its UK training facility?




Endress+Hauser Picomag is ideal for...

Transfer of non-conductive liquids

Utility water measurement


What are the benefits of device verification over calibration?

It’s an easier way to obtain a calibration certificate

It ensures a non intrusive assessment of my devices, without requiring device removal

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Vinci Construction

Level monitoring protects natural spring waters during £50m hotel renovation.

The redevelopment of an architecturally significant building into a 5-star hotel and spa in Buxton brought many challenges for main contractor Vinci Construction. Not least was the requirement to protect the network of ancient thermal springs that runs underneath Buxton Crescent. Endress+Hauser helped by installing a level monitoring solution for three swimming pools to ensure they didn’t leak into the aquifer and cause problems for the nearby Nestlé bottling plant.

Endress+Hauser’s FMR60 high-frequency radar device was used to monitor the pool level, in combination with a reference pool that was built to take into account evaporation and rainfall. Air and water temperatures were also monitored. At the end of the test period, the data from the swimming pools and the reference tank was compared to determine the change in level.

“Endress+Hauser’s involvement was immensely helpful,” confirms Senior Engineer Jenny Baxter. “It was hugely beneficial for us to be able to hand the data over to the client and show them the pools weren’t leaking. That was really reassuring.”

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Success stories

Here are some of the ways in which we’ve helped our customers make smarter decisions to save money and improve their processes.

Harvest Biofuels

Easier pH sensor calibration saves time and effort for biodiesel plant.

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Jersey Water

Jersey Water cuts OPEX and lab time thanks to improved ammonia measurement.

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John Pointon & Sons

Rendering and recycling facility saves over £400,000 a year thanks to energy monitoring solution.

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Chivas Brothers

Our online solution helps Chivas Brothers’ distilleries to access information and forecast project costs.

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Elantra Investment

Using the Endress+Hauser website cuts turnaround time for distributor.

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Ondeo Industrial Solutions

Purchasing online improves efficiency for a leading provider of sustainable water & utility solutions.

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P & I Design

Online ordering offers consultancy service easy access to pricing and availability.

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Lucite International

Electronic differential pressure measurement improves accuracy, ease of installation & maintenance for acrylic products manufacturer.

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DS Smith

Memosens digital analytical sensors save time, improve accuracy and lower costs for leading packaging company.

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Chivas Brothers

Chivas Brothers reduces the cost of measuring flow and density for alcohol by volume measurement.

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North British Distillery

Robust flowmeter boosts quality and efficiency under challenging conditions at North British Distillery.

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South Staffs Water

Automated sludge blanket measurement improves reliability and efficiency for South Staffs Water.

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Union Papertech

Level measurement solution relieves the pressure for speciality paper manufacturer.

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United Utilities

Leading water supplier halves the energy needed for a UV application by installing analytical sensors from Endress+Hauser.

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Project management of new test and calibration rig sets independent company up for success.

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Solvay Composite Materials

Chemical company complies with demanding audits by outsourcing calibration to Endress+Hauser.

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Lucite International - Heartbeat Technology

Heartbeat Technology’s inline diagnostics reduce downtime for acrylics manufacturer.

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Calibration contract keeps dairy running and compliant.

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Heat metering expertise helps food producer to comply with regulations for new CHP plant.

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Vinci Construction

Level monitoring protects natural spring waters during £50m hotel renovation.

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